A Glorious Beginning (~11,000 Impressions on LinkedIn)

When we launched #game1 in late 2019, my partner Basil Iwanyk and I dreamt of creating content that was not only entertaining, but culturally relevant and socially impactful as well. We also wanted all of our content to win, meaning succeed on the airwaves or in theaters – wherever it could or would be consumed.

Like so many of us, COVID threw us a big curveball – rendering us unable to produce anything at scale for almost a year. So, instead we focused on building partnerships, securing more extraordinary intellectual property, and building our team. 2021 has been a new chapter for us, allowing us to not only begin producing content – feature films, scripted television, unscripted television, digital/social content, and podcasts – but, finally bringing some of that content to the marketplace.

To that end, BRUISED is our first baby – accomplishing both our two major goals. Now a Netflix smash hit – it is the story of a courageous woman who must overcome incredible obstacles to rise back up to where she belongs. Directed by and starring Halle Berry and including an amazing cast and crew, we couldn’t be more thrilled to see our baby in the #1 slot on Netflix, certainly a dream come true for all of us at game1. #netflix #netflixmovies #bruised #ufc #ufc268