A New Ticketmaster Sponsorship Strategy (~30,000 views on LinkedIn )

Had a fantastic weekend in Tampa Bay for NHL All Star Weekend. Thanks to our great partners at the National Hockey League for their hospitality and excellent programming. Looking forward to a great second half of the season and lots of sell outs!

As you can see from my photo, we are making a concerted effort to transform our own sponsorship strategy – working to find more powerful and visible assets to build our brand with the sponsorship investments we are making in our partners like the NHL. Would like to thank my partners at WME (William Morris Endeavor) for helping us drive this change as we move forward. The more successful our sponsorship strategy can become, the more tickets we will sell — therefore, the more money our clients will make. Love how that works.

On to the Super Bowl this week with our friends across the National Football League (NFL) and then onto the NBA All Star Weekend with our great partners at the National Basketball Association (NBA). Busy month!