New Venture (~80,000 views on LinkedIn)

Two and a half years ago, Ticketmaster brought me on to be a disruptor—someone who could look at the sports industry with a fresh set eyes and harness the power of their technology in a way that hadn’t been done before. It’s been an incredible run as we’ve transformed so many critical aspects—not only the way we go to market, but how thrilled our clients have been to experience a better way to work with TM.

However, I’ve long held a broader vision of what I want to do to make an impact on the industry and that dream is finally ready to become a reality. In coming weeks, my partners and I will announce the launch of a new and transformational endeavor—one that we hope will further change the game.

This new venture was born out of a thoughtful push that I’ve made in the past few years to more effectively organize my advisory and investment practice. To highlight those efforts, I recently launched, which highlights the ways I try to help companies evolve and grow.

My time at Ticketmaster has been an exciting chapter in my professional journey. I want to thank my colleagues for giving me the opportunity to help implement extraordinary change; the success we have had has given me the momentum to launch an endeavor I have been working towards my entire career.