Colaboratory (~30,000 views on LinkedIn)

For as long as I can remember, two of my greatest passions have been sports and storytelling. From a very young age, I consumed anything and everything about sports, whether it was playing, watching, or studying the personal histories of legendary athletes. At the same time, I loved great storytelling – whether it was in the form of books, movies, or television. My earliest professional aspirations were to work at ESPN in any capacity – the idea of combining my two passions was an unbelievable dream.

Today, my two partners, Jaymee Messler and Basil Iwanyk, and I announced our new sports content venture, called (co)laboratory. Our goal is to provide athletes with best-in-class resources, development funds, and access to content creators — from actors and directors to producers and writers — to create premium, disruptive programming across formats – unscripted and scripted TV, film, audio and digital.

We will also work with various brands, teams, leagues, and movie studios on content strategy and development, developing premium storytelling for those looking to differentiate themselves.

Today, my dream has come true. (co)laboratory aspires to become the source for truly great sports storytelling, bringing to life not only my passions, but those of many others.