The Future of Sports (~23,000 views on LinkedIn)

This past Thursday, I had the privilege of serving on a panel at the sports industry’s most prestigious conference, The World Congress of Sports. The theme of the panel was “The Future of Sports”, an extremely wide-ranging assignment indeed, moderated by respected sports business journalist, Eric Fisher. Needless to say, I was honored to participate.

As part of the panel discussion, we tackled a variety of topics, including the profound impact that continued advancements in technology are having on sports; the immense power and intricate process of leveraging big data; better understanding and reaching the radically different millennial generation; the explosion and massive reach of eSports; the emergence and potential game-changing impact of sports betting; the evolving philosophy and landscape of real estate development in sports; and the future of content and media now that real disruption has already ensued.

What struck me the most about serving on the panel was the not just the intelligence of my fellow panelists, but the theme that great innovation is always precipitated by powerful and imaginative thinking. More so, as participants of this extraordinary industry, it is not just our privilege to think bigger and bolder than ever before, but our responsibility. hashtag#WCS hashtag#SBJ