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In addition to working in the sports industry for nearly three decades, I have been a sports aficionado and historian my entire life. If I could have majored in Sports History in college, I would have definitely finished at the top of my class. I have especially loved the history of my hometown NYC sports teams, watching so many great players and teams – even celebrating seven World Series crowns, a Stanley Cup victory, two NBA titles, and four Super Bowl championships.

Per the latter, when I think of the New York Football Giants history, I cherish the great players I rooted for growing up – however, when I dig one step deeper, I find myself wishing I could have watched the great Frank Gifford play as well. He was not only one of the greatest players in NFL history, but one of the first crossover superstars sports had ever known – appearing in movies, television, broadcasting, and even founding the NFLPA.

So, to be able to now story-tell about the great Gifford – alongside his son and my good friend, Cody Gifford – it is not only a privilege, but a great honor. I can’t wait to finalize GLORY GAME and get it on the air – we need more period pieces that feature sports as the backdrop!