Kids In Seats (~23,000 views on LinkedIn)

Most of us in this industry have lived a charmed life. We’ve grown up loving and playing sports; then going on to college – some fortunate enough to continue playing; then somehow finding our way into this extraordinary business.

Along those lines, I have spent 20+ years attending sporting events as part of my job description – on many occasions, taking my three sons with me – sometimes going to Super Bowls, NBA Finals, World Series, Stanley Cup Finals, and the list goes on. It’s been beyond memorable to share those experiences with my boys.

However, sometimes it gets too easy to take things for granted. As a result, I am constantly reminding myself to never forget those less fortunate – those with less access – always trying to do my best to give underserved people, especially kids, the same amazing experiences that we’ve all shared.

Frankly, it is why I joined the Advisory Board of Kids-in-Seats. There is nothing quite as gratifying as connecting underserved kids to such powerful experiences. This past year, we sent 40,000 kids to major sporting events at a face value of nearly $2M in tickets! It can be life-changing for these kids and for those who help out. With all of your help, I want us to send 400,000 kids next year! Go here to learn more: