NAB Conference (National Association of Broadcasters)

Speaking Engagement: Fireside Chat on 4/9/19

Interviewed in fireside chat by Michael Schein of Forbes, discussing the development of marketing and media strategies as it pertains to live entertainment.

World Congress of Sports 
Speaking Engagement: Panel on 04/04/19

Served on a panel hosted by Eric Fisher on the main stage of the WCS, entitled “The Future of Sports”, discussing a variety of topics including: Technology, data, marketing to millennials, eSports, sports betting, sports real estate, and content and media disruption.

NHL League Meetings 
Keynote Presentation on 03/27/19

Presented to all 31 NHL teams, including a variety of team presidents, CRO’s, CMO’s, and other executives on best practices in team oriented marketing and media strategies.

NFL Club Presidents’ Meeting

Speaking Engagement: Keynote Presentation on 12/18/18

Presented to all 32 NFL team presidents, ten NFL owners, and nearly 20 NFL league executives on best practices in team oriented marketing and media strategies

Mobile World Congress
Speaking Engagement: Moderated Panel in  09/13/18

Moderated a panel on emerging technology in sports venues and facilities.

Global Sports Summit for Intercollegiate Athletics

Speaking Engagement: Fireside Chat on 04/22/18

Hosted fireside chat with Scott Loft, Executive Vice President of the Oklahoma City Thunder, discussing the use of data and analytics in sports.