My Saddest Day (~742,000 Impressions on LinkedIn)

I wouldn’t normally post something like this on LinkedIn but I feel compelled to this time. Yesterday, one of my dearest friends in the world – my soul-sister Theresa Velasquez (she/her), was laid to rest in Miami. She happened to be visiting her amazing parents in their Surfside condo when it collapsed over three weeks ago, killing over 100 souls. Like most of her family and friends, I remain in a state of suspended disbelief – how could someone so young, beautiful, intelligent, vibrant, and accomplished be extinguished so senselessly?

In the heart-warming eulogy delivered by her amazing and courageous brother, David, he said, “…she was her own planet with an unrelenting gravitational pull…truly a force of nature…”. It was a perfect description. Her unparalleled energy and her joy for life are just two of the extraordinary hallmarks of her magical essence.

The moral of this story – for this platform – is how she carried those qualities into her career as a music executive. She did some of the biggest deals in the industry – the reason why? People loved her the minute they met her – simply because she led every interaction she ever had with love and joy in the first place.

So, in these crazy times – with so much angst and anger raging throughout every strand of our society, I urge all my friends and colleagues to honor Theresa by leading your business lives with the same type of love and joy usually reserved for family and friends. Life is short – this tragedy proves that – but, it can be joyful and beautiful too, just like by bestie Theresa. RIP, my sweet sister – I love you.