On Leadership: Adam Silver & David Stern (~60,000 views on LinkedIn )

On a recent trip to New York, I had the privilege to meet with NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver and former NBA Commissioner, David Stern. Although I have known each of them well for years, having worked for both of them earlier in my career and then helping steward two separate NBA franchises on their watch, every time I have the opportunity to spend some time with either of them, it inspires me to do more and be more in my career and in life.

Both Adam and David have been the epitome of great leadership for decades, each possessing what I consider to be the Top Ten qualities of great leaders:

  1. Impeccable values and integrity;
  2. Infinite commitment to excellence;
  3. Unparalleled vision;
  4. Extraordinary communication;
  5. Incomparable ability to inspire;
  6. Unwavering loyalty;
  7. Incredible accessibility and approachability;
  8. Unimpeachable accountability;
  9. Kindness, humility, and humanity; and
  10. Love for their work and their people, perhaps the greatest demonstration of success that one can achieve in life.

These remarkable qualities not only make for great leadership, they also contribute to the real hallmark of a successful career and life — wherever we go in the future is a result of the network of relationships we’ve built in the past.