Pat Tillman & Veteran’s Day (~9,000 views on LinkedIn )

I consider Veteran’s Day to be one of our most significant holidays. The sacrifices that so many servicemen and women have made throughout our country’s history have made all our extraordinary freedoms possible.

Although my grandfather wasn’t an American serviceman, he was a war hero during the Greek Civil War, successfully leading the entire resistance movement in the northern mountains of Greece, a collection of about 25 mountain villages and a few thousand men. Most Greeks are incredibly grateful for the sacrifices he made in that time.

As I reflect on veterans and sports, the industry I find myself immersed in every single day, there is no greater example of sacrifice than Pat Tillman. Unlike my grandfather, he didn’t help save his country, but he did have an extraordinary impact on our nation because his enlistment was so symbolic and profound, sacrificing money and fame, and ultimately his life, to help ensure our freedoms.

So, on the eve of Veteran’s Day, we mustn’t forget the sacrifices great men like my grandfather or Pat Tillman made not just for their countries, but for humanity in general. Thank you Corporal Tillman and all the extraordinary men and women who have made such profound sacrifices on behalf of the rest of us.