Paying it Forward (~14,000 Impressions on LinkedIn)

I recently wrote a LinkedIn post about my involvement with Kids-In-Seats, an incredible 501C3 charitable organization whose mission is to send underserved kids to major sports and entertainment events through partnerships with both sports and entertainment entities, as well as a myriad of community organizations and charities that serve disadvantaged kids. It is not only a most noble effort, it is a much needed one.

To that end, KIS has put nearly 50,000 kids into games and events this year alone; but as I said in my post, I want to multiply that success 10-fold. That will take a lot more money and many more people with the commitment to make it happen – but, who knows – maybe experiences like these might actually inspire these kids to reach for more and push themselves to expand their horizons.

Therefore, I will be embarking on a multi-tiered fundraising strategy – including individuals donating whatever they can; to ticketing companies stepping up too; and then on to Corporate America looking for sponsors. If we can begin to raise significant dollars, we will put (a lot more) Kids-In-Seats.

Please do your part too!