Playing Talkshow Host (~25,000 views on LinkedIn )

Enjoyed playing talkshow host to National Football League (NFL) legends Andre Reed, Terrell Davis, and Daryl “Moose” Johnston as part of our Ticketmaster NFL Draft activation at AT&T Stadium in Dallas earlier tonight. Not sure I’m ready for ESPN, but hopefully our crowd of NFL super fans had a blast taking in our chalk talk and the rest of the festivities that we programmed on their behalf. It was certainly my honor to host them and to do my best Bob Costas imitation for a few minutes.

As we continue to leverage authentic ways to more effectively showcase our brand, we’re using tentpole opportunities like the draft to articulate and share our passion for live sports and entertainment, as well as our unparalleled commitment and dedication to the fans and clients we serve. It was incredible to witness dozens of NFL fans not only connect the dots that Ticketmaster is associated with the process, but that we are the unlock that brings it to life for them.

Special thanks to the NFL, our amazing partner of over a decade, as well as the extraordinary TM team who pulled the activation together — led by Catherine Martin, Kathryn Kai-ling Frederick, Ashley Dos Santos, Rio Penabella, Gary Brosius, Mark Peterson, and especially Popi Mavros and Joe MacMillan.