Technology of the Year (~25,000 views on LinkedIn )

Great night last night for the entire Ticketmaster team, taking home the @Sports Business Journal’s Sports Business Award for ‘best technology in the sports industry’. As we continue to reposition our brand – especially from an enterprise software & solutions perspective – this is an incredibly important storytelling and brand building moment for us.

It is essential that we continue to beat the drum that we are a state-of-the-art technology company that happens to sell tickets, while also helping our clients do so better than anyone else on earth, and not a ticketing company that simply uses technology. This is an essential distinction. In short, we no longer consider ourselves a ticketing vendor, rather liken ourselves to SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft, or even Amazon – with the end result being providing access to live sports and entertainment.

Hence, winning an award of this magnitude not only delivers on that promise, it validates the mission of the company – to be torchbearers of live entertainment for the industry, using superior technology and intelligence to drive change and success. Congrats to the entire TM team, especially the Presence team, led by @Justin Burleigh and @Justin Re – two of the best and brightest in the business. Good Stuff!