Thank You Pittsburgh (~50,000 views on LinkedIn )

On Sunday, I was running in six directions between business trips, immersed in kid stuff, Halloween prep, work follow-up, etc., when I decided to check out some NFL highlights. It was like the universe put me on that couch at that precise moment to help me gain some much needed context and empathy, watching in awe what the Steelers did in response to the incomprehensible massacre in Pittsburgh.

It was profound and galvanizing, with a message of love and hope that not only made me a Pittsburgher in that moment, but proud to be an American. Like the rest of you, I would like to see all of this senseless violence end immediately; however, what I don’t want to lose sight of is the power that sports brings to society, how unifying and inspiring it can be on every level.

What I saw yesterday is why I love sports for reasons bigger than the games. Sports, in its highest sense, is about honor and integrity; community, serving to bring us together; and love, giving us reasons to celebrate life and each other, whether we’re on opposite sides of the arena or aisle.

So, thank you Pittsburgh Steelers for taking the most thoughtful stance possible yesterday. It made a huge difference to me and countless others who care about each other and our journey together.