The Phoenix Suns & Paypal (~25,000 views on LinkedIn )

For the past twenty years, I have been deeply engaged in the sponsorship realm from all sides of the equation, selling sponsorships on every level, including naming rights, media, content, hard assets, soft assets, and everything in between; while also helping oversee billions of dollars worth of sponsorship integrations as well.

When sponsorship works best, it goes beyond the objective of simply creating awareness on one side and generating revenue on the other; rather evolving into a true partnership where the sponsor and sponsee become interwoven in the fabric of each other’s businesses. If that authentic connection can be achieved, magical results can happen on both sides of the equation.

Last night, I had the privilege of attending the Phoenix Suns game with my good friends, Jim Ciortan, lead marketer at PayPal, and Dan Costello, the dynamic CRO of the Suns. Seeing what they have engineered in Phoenix was indeed magical, two brands becoming seamlessly intertwined in incredibly beautiful ways. The jersey patch is probably the most prominent asset in the deal, but it is the authentic and deep interconnectivity of all platforms, products, and brand equities that is truly most impressive. Kudos to both sides of this equation, job incredibly well done.