The Power of the MSG Brand (~40,000 views on LinkedIn )

Although I have evolved into leadership and revenue generation roles at this point, I remain fascinated by the power that branding has on the success and failure of businesses. This past week, I spent two days at MSG, which got me thinking about the idea of brand equity. Even though I spent several years working there, making my perspective of the brand very personal, even casual observers were able to see and feel the majesty and magnitude of the MSG brand.

Being the ‘world’s most famous arena’ in the heart of the world’s most famous city creates a distinctive brand positioning that is impossible to match or replicate. Moreover, being dubbed ‘The Mecca’ means something more powerful than even the events happening there. With that advantage, I felt a profound duty as a brand steward to always uphold that ideal.

As a leader, I always tried to lean into MSG’s grand positioning, trying to inspire my teams by conveying that we were working at the greatest place on earth. As a revenue generator, I always tried to leverage that position, trying to convince people and companies to pay a premium to be a part of something so extraordinary.

When those things were effectively integrated into all of our efforts, magic could and did happen, every single night.