The Spotlight of Sports? (~8,000 Impressions on LinkedIn)

I remember watching the Oscar-winning film SPOTLIGHT with a mix of disgust and wonder.

Like everyone else that watched that movie, I was disgusted by the subject matter – sexual abuse of any type against anyone is heinous and unthinkable, particularly minors.

However, the artistry required to produce a movie as magnificent as SPOTLIGHT is truly the epitome of great storytelling. The film was not only riveting, it was meaningful on so many levels – all the while, featuring revolting acts of abuse and the devastating effects those acts had on its victims. That delicate balance is incredibly nuanced and difficult to achieve – but was truly mastered in this film.

So, when we approached the extraordinary Rachael Denhollander about optioning her mesmerizing and can’t-put-down memoir about her ordeal of surviving and ultimately taking down Larry Nassar – someone accused of abusing over 2,000 young girls and women, mainly in the USA Gymnastics space – the weight of that challenge hit us like a ton of bricks.

But, the more we talked to Rachael, the more we realized that this would not be the story of a monster – and Nassar certainly was proven to be one of the most depraved people on earth – rather, it would be the story of perseverance, resilience, tenacity, and unyielding courage shown by Rachael and so many others that ultimately helped take Nassar down.

Now, the real work begins. We must work with the eminently talented screenwriter, Janine Eser, to finalize the script; then, we must attach the perfect director, lead actors, etc.; source film financing to underwrite the film; figure out the distribution strategy for the project; and then ultimately produce a great piece of art.

However, with Rachael’s inspiration and our collective understanding of the importance of telling this story, all of us at #game1 are bound together in determination to make a film that is as artistic and impactful as SPOTLIGHT – so that we, too, can help shed light on a story that should never be repeated.