The Yankees Won! (~45,000 views on LinkedIn )

Great news….the Yankees won!

Last night, I had a meeting with one of Ticketmaster’s best clients, the New York Yankees.

Growing up in NY, I spent my childhood into adulthood following the Bronx Bombers with an unparalleled sense of loyalty. From Murcer and Munson to Judge and Giancarlo, I have had some of the most memorable moments of my life.

Today, I’m father to three amazing teenage boys. In our family, sports has always taken center stage. Not a day goes by, or even a conversation, that doesn’t somehow involve our shared passion.

Along those lines, every morning after a game for the past 19 years, I’ve said either of the following two statements: “Great news, boys…” or “Bad news, boys…” before delivering the news about whether the Yankees had won or lost. It is as much a part of our family culture as our dog, Jeter, was for 15 years.

Last night, sitting in Yankee Stadium, I had a chance to reflect on how something as simple as a game can unite us in a world where some many things try to divide us. I was reminded of why I love my job so much, and how privileged I am to work in this industry.

So, thank you Marty Greenspun and Kevin Dart for reminding me how much joy sports can bring to the lives of so many of us, including me. Go Yankees!