The Incredible Perfecto Sanchez (~6,000 views on LinkedIn )

On Thanksgiving-eve, I had breakfast with a new friend, Perfecto Sanchez, a West Point grad and war hero, having done two tours in Iraq as part of a Special Ops unit. After his six-year tour of duty ended in 2010, Perfecto has gone on to an incredible career in brand marketing, agency ownership, and tech entrepreneurship.

Early on, he worked for several Fortune 500 CPG companies in brand management and now owns two incredibly successful small businesses, one a marketing agency and the other, a tech company that has built a platform for the CR realm.

Perfecto was engaging and brilliant – but more than those things, he was humble and balanced. We talked briefly about the horrors of war, with him confirming what I could only imagine, and we talked about life in the military, the magic of West Point, and patriotism.

Along those lines, I asked him how he felt about the NFL kneelers and his answer surprised me. He said, “I laid my life on the line every day for 30 months so they would have the freedom to take a knee. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

He went on to say what makes America great is the freedom of expression, no matter if he agrees with the form of that expression or not. He’s now one of my heroes and I’m thankful he fought for me.