Winning (~10,000 Impressions on LinkedIn)

Congrats to my partner and co-CEO, Basil Iwanyk, and to the entire team at game1 for this amazing award. This was one of our very first content projects as a team – led by Basil who wrote, directed, and executive produced this great documentary – so, to come away from that effort with this type of recognition is very cool.

62,000:1 is a great example of bringing a cinematic approach to unscripted television programming – elevating the content in terms of the quality of the storytelling, expertise in production, and maximizing the distribution potential – where the results will not only be recognized, but should be expected when done right.

To that end, sports teams, college athletic departments, regional sports networks, and even many of the leagues are sitting on treasure troves of great intellectual property and extraordinary stories that need telling – like 62,000:1, where New York found itself having three championship teams in one year – the magical 1969.

So, we are proud to be working with a dozens of athletes, teams, leagues, and media companies, forming content partnerships that help leverage the IP they have at their disposal by using our storytelling capabilities, as well as packaging prowess in selling brand integrations and distribution partnerships. #game1